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I actually want to vomit when I hear the word 'Simmies'

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Ummm…I have liiiiike ten more updates until the story part ends, and considering I have bugger else to do for the next hour or so, I will try to post them all so I can move them into their actual house and fucking plaaaaay.

So, gonna be a bit spammy. You know the tags to block -_-

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berrybobs replied to your photoset:[X]
y u do dis ;_________;

Coz I like to sit at dah computer wif a lump in my throat ;-;

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Lmao, for story purposes it’s a no. In actual gameplay though:

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But no srsly… She said yes right? D:

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'What are you doing? Get up off your knees, you look pathetic.'

Marry me, Clem. I bought you a ring ages ago.’

'I'm going inside, and you're going home.'

'Well okay, Clem, but keep your phone on, okay? I'll keep mine on too and we can talk.'

'Jack, what are you doing here?’

'I came to ask you to return my calls, Clem.'

'Look at the state of you. You're soaking wet. Did you walk here?'

'Yeah and it took me two hours. Walking's good for you Clem. I'm on a love walk…to Clementine Carter.'

'Who are you? You're not my friend Jack any more.'

'Yeah well, maybe he went away, but hey listen, can you return my calls every now and then?'

'You're drunk, or high or something. You need to go home. Yes, fine, I'll answer the phone.'

'Okay, and one more thing before I go…'

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One Year Later

'Jack, dude, wake up. Damn, I told you to not take those pills in my house.'

'I need them Flynn, doctor's orders. How long have I been out?'

'32 hours. How many of those are you taking? Jesus Christ, 70 a day I counted recently. You're gonna kill yourself Jack.'

'Has Clem called?'

'No? When does she call?'

'I been calling her. She just doesn't return them. I dunno what I've done, Flynn. I need to go and see her. It's driving me crazy.'

'You can't drive in that state. Have something to eat at least, will you? Dude, I have to be honest with you. If she hasn't returned a call in a year, why would she suddenly do so now?'

'Fuck off Flynn, I really don't need to listen to this right now.'

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Store says Goodbye: August 2014 Set is the final set to release »>


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Felt so good to totally annihilate dat bitch.

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